Introduction to jamovi

In this two-part series in Spanish, I make a general introduction to jamovi, a powerful free and open statistical software, as an excellent alternative to expensive statistical software such as SPSS.

Part 1

Presentation and general description of jamovi, installation, and interface.

Part 2

Common analyses.


  1. Load data [jump to section]
  2. Descriptive analysis and how to save results [jump to section]
  3. t-tests [jump to section]
  4. One-way ANOVA [jump to section]
  5. Repeated- and mixed-measures ANOVA [jump to section]
  6. Correlation [jump to section]
  7. Regression [jump to section]
  8. Additional modules and analysis [jump to section]
  9. Conclusions [jump to section]
Juan David Leongómez
Juan David Leongómez
Associate Professor

My research interests include mate choice and human vocal communication, with an aspiration towards understanding musicality. I am also interested in bioacoustics and psychoacoustics, as well as statistics and  programming.