Meta-analysis of correlations in R

In this video I give a basic introduction to performing **meta-analysis** of correlations using R.

Meta-análisis de correlaciones y meta-regresión en R: Guía práctica [Meta-analysis of correlations and meta-regression in R: A Practical Guide]

Meta-analysis is a widely used method to synthesise data from different studies. However, students, practitioners and researchers often lack the practical knowledge to perform and interpret a meta-analysis. This guide presents a variety of tools for …

Meta-analysis in jamovi is very easy

In this video in Spanish, I do a basic introduction to **meta-analysis**, and explain how to meta-analyse correlation coefficients and 2-mean comparisons in [jamovi](https://www.jamovi.org/).

Statistical power and sample size calculation in R

In this series/tutorial in Spanish, I explain how to perform statistical **power analysis** to calculate the required **sample size** for a study.

Análisis de poder estadístico y cálculo de tamaño de muestra en R: Guía práctica [Statistical Power Analysis and Sample Size Calculation in R: Practical Guide]

Esta guía práctica acompaña la serie de videos [Poder estadístico y tamaño de muestra en *R*](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHk7UNt35ccVdyHqnQ6oXVYA6JBNFrE1x), de mi canal de YouTube [Investigación …

Introduction to OBS Studio

In this basic introduction to **OBS Studio** in Spanish, I explain how to capture audio and video from several sources, to record lessons and tutorials.

Introduction to jamovi

In this two-part series in Spanish, I make a general introduction to **jamovi**, a powerful free and open statistical software.