PowerSimulate is a collection of compact R Shiny applications designed to perform simulation-based statistical power analysis.

Although there are more straightforward tools for power analysis in simple tests such as correlations, t-tests and ANOVA, these applications are based exclusively on simulations. They serve as an educational tool to demonstrate the concept of statistical power, but also as a platform to show the importance of simulation-based power analysis for more complex designs.

Example interface of a PowerSimulate application
Example interface of a PowerSimulate application.

Below you will see the index of available applications PowerSimulate. To open an application, simply go to the English section and click on the corresponding link. Please note that English and Spanish versions of each application are available.

All applications are available on my (rather slow) Shiny personal server. However, if it runs too slow or my server doesn’t work, you can always run it locally on your computer with R installed. Just open the link to the code on GitHub (Correlation, Independent t-test, Paired t-test), and you’ll find instructions there.

Juan David Leongómez
Juan David Leongómez
Associate Professor

My research interests include mate choice and human vocal communication, with an aspiration towards understanding musicality. I am also interested in bioacoustics and psychoacoustics, as well as statistics and  programming.