Milena Vásquez-Amézquita

Milena Vásquez-Amézquita

Associate Professor / PhD supervision 2015-2018 / Postdoc supervision 2021-2022

Universidad El Bosque

Milena is an Associate Professor, and researcher in neuroscience at the Experimental Psicology Lab, Universidad El Bosque. She is leading research projects in two lines: first, about typical-atypical sexual preferences, both deviant and non-deviant, such as paedophilia. Second, about attentional biases and HRV as indicators of affective disorders. She has focused on the use of eye-tracking as an indirect measure of affect and sexual arousal. She is interested in research about the cognitive mechanisms that underlie mood disorders and sexual behaviour.

I was honoured to co-supervise first her PhD, and now her postdoc.

PhD Project (Summa cum laude)

Preferencias sexuales típicas y atípicas según sexo y edad de los estímulos: Utilidad de la técnica de rastreo ocular [Typical and atypical sexual preferences according to sex and age of the stimuli: Usefulness of the eye tracking technique] - Open PhD project.

Universidad de Valencia, 2015-2018

Supervisores: Alicia Salvador and Juan David Leongómez


  • Eye-tracking
  • Sexual arousal
  • Typical-atypical sexual preferences
  • Attentional biases
  • HRV
  • Affective disorders


  • PhD, Neuroscience, 2018

    University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

  • MSc in Basic and Applied Neuroscience, 2012

    University of Valencia (Valencia, Spain)

  • BA in Psychology, 2007

    Universidad Católica de Colombia (Bogota, Colombia)

Co-authored publications