Lina Morales-Sánchez

Lina Morales-Sánchez

Research Assistant 2018 / BSc Psychology | Research supervision 2016-2017

Universidad El Bosque

Lina is a psychologist from El Bosque University and business administrator from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. She has an interest in mental health within organizations. She has knowledge of clinical psychology and experience in the design and implementation of social projects. Member of SDSN Youth Solutions Hub.

Lina first did her undergraduate research project between 2016 and 2017, and then worked as a research assistant under my supervision, training in research methods, and supporting research processes as a research assistant under my supervision. In 2020 Lina worked on data analysis and programming in R under my guidance.

BSc Research Project

Discriminación tonal predice satisfacción con pareja y su inversión parental, en hombres y mujeres [Pitch discrimination predicts partner satisfaction and parental investment, in men and women]

Universidad El Bosque, 2016-2017.

Supervisor: Juan David Leongómez, Oscar R. Sánchez, and Eugenio Valderrama.

Research Project

Señales perceptibles de salud física y mental en rostros, voces y olores corporales, y su relación con niveles hormonales [Perceptible signs of physical and mental health in faces, voices, and body odors, and their relationship to hormone levels]

Universidad El Bosque, 2018

Supervisors: Juan David Leongómez, Oscar R. Sánchez, Eugenio Valderrama, and Milena Vásquez-Amézquita


  • Basic Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Mental Health


  • BSc in Psychology, 2017

    Universidad El Bosque (Bogota, Colombia)

  • BA in Business Administration, 2012

    Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Bogota, Colombia)

Co-authored publications