Christopher D. Watkins

Christopher D. Watkins

Senior Lecturer and director of the Human Relationships Laboratory

Abertay University

Chris is a friend and collaborator. For more information and to see his work and publications, visit his lab website, or his Abertay University page.

I worked with him on a project related to environmental predictors of mouth-to-mouth kissing:

(2019). National income inequality predicts cultural variation in mouth to mouth kissing. Scientific Reports, 9, 6698.

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Happily, for this project lead by Chris, we were awarded the 2020 Ig Nobel Prize in economics, “ for trying to quantify the relationship between different countries’ national income inequality and the average amount of mouth-to-mouth kissing”. Below, you can watch the ceremony (if you want to jump to Chris receiving the prize, go to 28:13).

Co-authored publications